The DR-Factory Flat Panel System is a modern design flat panel capable of providing a image on screen only 4 secound after the X-Ray shot. Due to up-to-date gigabit network technology the image can then be distributed to any computer in the network in secounds.

Outstanding MTF and DQE permits very good image quality at low dose rates.

The DR-Factory Flat Panels can be connected to any generator through their integrated docking station and with its DICOM 3.0 compatability it can easily connect to your existing HIS/RIS and PACS system. Wether HL7, GDT, BDT or any other proprietory interface - our detectors are very flexible regarding their connectivity.

Its large imaging area ( 43x43 cm ) and extremely short turn-around time allows you to do a wide variety of procedures with high quality imaging and almost realtime work flow.

Due to our SensoPOINT-Technology the DR-Factory Flat Panel Systems provide high resolution images rich in detail in wide energy range (kV).

For further details please see our DR-Factory-Brochure.